We wish to be very transparent in all our business deeds. That is one of the reason for opting for a open kitchen where customers get to experience.


Since it's opening, we have tried and tested many recipes and we are not limited to just pizza's. We are venturing into various cuisines


Every three months we have been launching a different pizza crust. We are not your regular Pizza shop. We beg to differ!

Our Pizza Story

Imagine your are on Tuscan slopes enjoying the warm sunshine with aroma of the dough baking to perfection with perfect medley of mozerella and San Marizano tomatoes topped with delicate fresh basil. Walk into Fire Pizza to be transported to Italy and enjoy the pizza perfection always made with the freshest ingredients. As you walk into Fire Pizza, you can create your own flavor and pick your own dough, your own sauce and your choice of toppings from an unlimited spread. Our chefs will bake your creation to perfection in a custom built brickoven and voila your pizza is ready in less than 5min!

We want to introduce you to the finely picked ingredients, always fresh and gives you a choice of superfine dough, whole wheat dough and gluten free dough for the thin crust base. Our sauces are concocted daily in our kitchen with flavors like spicy marinara, pesto, alfredo and creamy mushroom sauce topped with only the freshest veggies like artichoke, mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, corn and more. Add your favorite protein and you have a healthy choice of pizza without the extra calories or loaded fat.

At Fire Pizza, you will always find that you,our customer comes first and we are dedicated to making your every visit a memorable culinary experience in our artfully designed restuarant only serving the best.